• Value is better measured by what does not happen than by what does: Sennewald

  • The better the job done, the harder it is to justify the need: Post

  • Security is more art than science. Few formulas will cover all organizations, situations and needs, and that’s the beauty and challenge of this profession. Security is all about probabilities.

  • Security constitutes a service to the organization thus the role of security is one of service. Primary service provided is the protective service or prevention

  • We at DFS have the best in class experience and expertise to provide security guarding services, train and recruit your existing guard force as per organizational requirements, develop, deliver and deploy cost effective security technological resources in Vietnam.

  • Quality, transparency and cost-effectiveness are the parameters which differentiates us from our competitors. We see our customers as business partners. Together we strive to establish an integrated security program based on the ROI it generates for our clients.We track our security programs with business partners through rigorous monthly key performance indicator metrics.

  • Our loss prevention expertise can save millions in retail inventory. On-site access control can reduce instances of theft. Health and safety program can diminish accidents in an industrial environment. These examples illustrate tangible results that our integrated security program can offer.

  • We strongly believe that It’s not about how much you invest in security, but rather how you invest. We have a team of security experts who work hand-in-hand with our clients to manage their investment while adapting to the ever-changing security environment.

  • Before issuing a service proposal, we survey and evaluate client-specific needs, and what is required to meet them, we then determine the associated cost of the security project. These assessments, gives confidence to our clients about our product and services.We never compromise on our guard recruiting, training, health and safety and other performance parameters

  • Our integrated security program results into a safer environment and a positive ROI – a win-win partnership.For us, security is not a commodity but a strategic investment. Security investment is to minimize risk and insurance costs, improve customer service and user satisfaction, reduce instances of theft and loss of assets, and prevent accidents at work. As with any investment, the price variable cannot be at the root of the decision. Businesses partner with us for our service and quality.

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